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What is a Print Broker?
Think "Automated Commercial Printer Shopping". . .
It's a bit like picking out a car, and having someone that knows the ropes make the purchase....we contact multiple local and nationwide printers for job estimates, we handle all the billing, and we take time to explain to you all the industry mumbo-jumbo. In fact, the only time you'll need to communicate with the printer is when your print job shows up for delivery!


The Brokering Process
We'll first build custom RPP (Request for Print Proposal) forms that are specific to every print job. Then we automatically submit them to our targeted list of printers. Soon after we answer a few detailed questions from the printers, we'll deliver to you a stack of quotes for your print job and help you select the best printer. Best of all, since all the printers will have quoted from a very specific request form, you can easily compare prices and make a decision.


100% Made In USA
Rest assured, contrary to the majority of print brokers, we'll never send your print job outside of the United States!


Save BIG and Support Your Local Economy!
In many cases, sending your job out of state (but remaining in the US) can save over 50% in printing. But what if you want to support your local economy? Then use a portion of all that you saved to donate to a local printer, or choose a local non-profit organization of your choice! Many times, the difference you save in printing out of state can be greater than the profit margin of a local printer - therefore, you'd be putting more money into your local economy than you would have by choosing a local printer for the job.

Case Study
One of our clients needed a simple order of 500 business cards, printed two-sided on a matte card stock. Various local commercial printers estimated the job around $80. We brought a printer based on the west coast that estimated the job at just $35, and that includes shipping!

Usually it makes sense to print locally, such as a 20 page annual report or large brochure, but there are times where the price to print a job in a different state can be jaw-dropping compared to a local print run, and that's where we come in as your personal print broker.

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