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Gramling Creative is a full-service creative agency located in Flint, Michigan. Providing a wide range of services from web and print design solutions, to search engine marketing, photography, and copywriting. Call 810-309-0001 today and let's talk about your project!


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7 Tips for Better Email Communication

Spam Prevention, use BCC
If you absolutely must send a funny, entertaining, or educational email to multiple unrelated recipients, please, please, PLEASE use the bcc: field. This masks your recipients email addresses from each other. Putting various friend's and coworker's email address into the to: or cc: field exposed everyone's email address to get picked up by spammers. All it takes is for one of the recipients to have a bad bug on their machine and BAM - you've just permanently junked up the inboxes of all your email pals. Honestly, that's not worth 30 seconds of that back-flipping-squirrel video you're sending around to everyone.


Useless Replies
Don't reply with short "ok" or "will do" responses all the time. We all have enough email to sort through and these kinds of emails can be more irritating than the regular junk. In the very rare case where someone needs confirmation that you received the email, this is an okay practice.

Reach for the Phone!
If you have sent more than four emails to the same person, on the same topic in the last 10 minutes, pick up the phone!

Negative Attitude = No Email Zone
Never let negative emotions initiate a spontaneous email. You'll regret it later. In addition, the person reading it will only see caps, exclamation marks, and offending words - and you can bet they will interpret your email as more negative than you originally intended. Work out any negative situations in person or over the phone.

Consider it Public
Keeping tip #4 in mind, emails are considered legal writings and can be used in today's court of law. The best rule of thumb here is this: Don't write anything you would not want your local newspaper to publish on the cover of the next print.

Be Nimble (Be Quick)
Reply as soon as possible. The original sender of the email is waiting for your reply. In some circumstances you may not have all the answers the same day - you should still try to reply the same day even if it's to inform the sender of the situation. Many times people question if their emails are getting through so a quick reply can quickly gain favor of sender. Never leave someone hanging, especially a good customer, and not to mention a prospective customer.

Write it Right, Write it Once
Try to be as clear as possible in your emails. If you want part A to be "like" part B then explain exactly what aspect you want to be the same. An unclear email will take three or more responses to be resolved, resulting in wasted time for both parties. Spend a few minutes extra and do it right the first time around, and If it's too much to type, resort to tip #3 and pick up the phone.

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