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Breaking up with a PDF

Breaking up with a PDF

Breaking up PDF pages is most tossed-about topic relating to PDF's from our experience. There is a simple solution if you have the right software, and there is a down-n-dirty solution if you don't. Keep reading as we explain the two methods.

Let's start with the dirty method, on the cheap!
If you don't have Adobe Acrobat installed then this option is your best bet. Take careful note that Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat are NOT the same. (Acrobat Reader is free, and available for download at the Adobe website. Adobe Reader is designed to allow you to view and create PDF files from programs like word, excel and others. Adobe Acrobat on the other hand is the full-blown PDF creator & editor, and comes with a hefty price tag of up to $439)

If you can open pdf files on your computer, then you have Adobe Reader installed, and that also allows you to print to the PDF engine. Be it a webpage, or photograph - the PDF option should be listed as one of your printers - anytime you print anything it's actually there, you just have to select your printer drop-down menu and select the PDF option.

Let's say you have a 20 page pdf but you need to reach in and grab page 6 out and save it s a single document. First, open the full pdf and select the "print" option (ctrl + p on a PC or command + p on a Mac). Step two is to select your printer, change your printer to the "Adobe PDF" option. Don't send the job just yet - change the page range from "All" to "6" then hit print. You'll be prompted with a dialog box asking you where you want to save the file - select a location and continue.

Congrats! You just extracted a single page from a 20 page PDF!...Say what? You need pages 4, 9 and 15 in a single document? That's an easy one too - just separate the page numbers you want to extract with a comma in the space where you entered the number "6" above (eg "9, 9, 15" instead of "6"). Send the job, select a location to save, and kaboom - you've got a 3 page pdf of pages 4 , 9 and 15 from the original.

A life of ease with Adobe Acrobat
If you are lucky enough to have Adobe Acrobat, then you have two very easy options for extracting pages.

First, open the pdf with Acrobat (not the Reader) and then click the white paper icon in the top-left corner, it's located right next to the blue ribbon-like icon. After clicking that icon you'll get a left panel that shows the layout of all the pages in your PDF. Next, right click (option + click on a Mac) any pages in that view and select "Extract Pages". Lastly, you'll be presented with a menu requesting which pages to extracted, select the pages and save the file. Easy enough eh?

The second option you have is even easier - you can simply drag pages right out of that pages panel and ontp your desktop to extract pages individually.

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