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Domain Naming Checklist / Reference

Choosing a domain name is one of the very first steps in developing new website. It’s also on of the most important parts of your website. Choose a name that’s too long and people won’t want to type it. Settle with a non-.com address and people will mistakenly go to the wrong website. Choose a trademarked name and risk a hefty lawsuit.

We’ve compiled a list of points to keep in mind when you’re hunting for the right name. Unless your business name is very unique, you’re going to find out that the ideal domain name has already been taken. All sensible one-word domains are taken, and nearly every generic two-word domain has also been taken.

We decided to leave out all the detailed explanation as to why to follow these guidelines because we want you to understand this list and use it as an easy reference.

A shorter name is a better name.
Only settle for a .com domain.
Get your domain NOW, don’t wait.
Stay away from trends (ie cool____.com or thebest____.com).
Don’t register names with trademarked phrases.
Avoid doubling up letters (ie carrates.com or boottree.com).
Do not use hyphens or numbers.
Use some industry keywords in your domain name if needed.
Remember: spaces and symbols are not allowed in a domain name.
Register your personal name if it’s available.
Once you find the right domain, also get the .net .info and .biz versions to keep you protected.
Register common misspellings of the domain you choose.
Shoot for yourbusinessname.com first.
Avoid putting extensions like “company” or “co” in your domain name.

In closing, we recommend that you buy multiple domains even though they may be different. If they are good names they'll be worth the few bucks to have them in your pocket - happy domaining!

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