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Businesses on Facebook Brace for Conflict

Many businesses have tapped into facebook to promote their business to hundreds, even thousands of people without first understanding that the creator of their facebook fan page (usually a secretary, using their personal email account) is the ultimate owner of the page and although you can add other page administrators, the creator of the page can not be unlinked or removed as the page administrator.

If an employee leaves your company, they will be remain a page administrator and there will be nothing that either of you can do about it. If you terminate an employee that happened to be the creator of your facebook business page, you need to be prepared for them to reap havoc. They will be able to post pictures, write text, and much more, in the name of your business.

Some employees leave companies on good terms, but are forced to remain the admin for their ex-employers facebook page.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars in advertising to gain a large following on facebook. All could be lost, and may cost thousands more in recovery from the actions of an ex-employees digital revenge tactics.

If one of your employees have already created a facebook page, then you really only have one safe option: ask the employee to delete the fan page and recreate it using an email account of one of the business owners.

Ok, so you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your facebook page and you are not ready to wipe it clean. In this case, it might be best to talk with the employee about transferring their personal facebook account to a business owner (this involves changing emails on facebook, changing the account name, deleting any personal information etc.). In this case, the employee would have to recreate their personal account. You could offer them to recreate the account on the company’s time, or offer a compensation for their efforts.

If your business does not yet have a facebook page and you plan on making one, be sure it’s in the name of an owner or member, otherwise you should brace for conflict in the event that the page creator leaves the business. In the near future we hope to see a feature on facebook that allows for transferring admin rights from one person to another.

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