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Branding with the Holidays

Today I would like to talk about integrating holiday graphics and colors into your branding materials. The idea came to mind after seeing a political election sign totally decked out in Halloween colors and graphics. At first glance it looked like an ad for the local Halloween shop!

You Are Your Branding
When it comes to elections, a positive, clean branding of a candidate’s promotional materials is a key to success. There is no reduced importance of good branding in relation to a company that sells a product or service. These promo materials are selling the candidate - it’s the silent connection to the voters, and if it looks cheap, the candidate will look cheap. Likewise, if it looks solid and professional, the candidate will of course, look solid and professional.

Sadly, if the branding materials look like Halloween, the candidate will look like Halloween. Many people do not celebrate or promote Halloween and they avoid everything relating to the event. By branding himself with pumpkins, and a black & orange color combination, this person immediately lost voters, regardless of his political stance – JUST BY THE GRAPHICS USED IN HIS CAMPAIGN! For years to come this individuals name will invoke the thought of Halloween – probably not the best image for someone in politics. There’s no doubt that this is a very original campaign idea, but in this particular case the negative effects outweigh the positive.

Tips on Working In the Holidays
The right way to use holiday visuals in your promotional materials is to keep subtly in mind at all times. Keep it balanced and stay away from an entire ad plastered with snowflakes – try just putting snowfall on the top-edge of your logo and heading type instead.

Campaign Branding
As for campaign branding guidelines, that’s a topic for another day. Don’t let the print shop design your materials. Get an expert to develop a logo and branding scheme, have them create a branding manual that you can hand to the printers when you have signs printed up so they have some design restrictions and notes – keeping all your promotional materials in synch!

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