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Facebook's October Update

Facebook is weird now, at least for a while.
If you're a Facebooker and you've been on recently then chances are things are looking strange, and it might seem like you're not getting the latest news first.

What Happened
Facebook implemented a change on October 26th that is designed to help you "stay on top of what is going on with the people and things you care about". From the Facebook blog:

"News Feed picks stories that we think you'll enjoy based on a variety of factors including how many friends have liked and commented on it and how likely you are to interact with that story."

News Feed | Live Feed
Instead of one view on your home page, you have two: a News Feed and a Live Feed. The News feed is basically a "top stories" view that lists the most active posts at the top, and a Live Feed - which acts more like the normal Facebook, shows you everything that's going on in a timeline layout, with the most recent posts at the top of the list.

All this is great, but people are upset, and downright rage-full that Facebook didn't so much as give anyone a warning, let alone a manual on how this new thing works. They did post an update about the change in their blog - but a direct message to each user might have been the best bet.

Help Resources
We'll end this short and sweet article with a link to the "take a tour" of the new facebook link in the Help section leads to this empty page! (as of October 26th 2009) http://www.facebook.com/sitetour/homepage_tour.php

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